21 Types of Great Sex Toys to Fill Your Toy Box

The world of sex toys is labyrinthine. It’s difficult simply to learn what’s out there, let alone what the best toys are.

So let’s explore 21 kinds of sex toys and my top recommendations for each one:

1. A Bullet Vibrator

The best one is We-Vibe’s Tango. It’s the size of a finger, yet it’s so strong and deliciously rumbly. If you want a less expensive vibe that’s still great, check out FemmeFunn’s Ultra Bullet. And if you want the cheapest vibrator that’s still decent, get BMS Factory’s Essential Bullet.

We-Vibe Tango
We-Vibe’s Tango.

2. A Wand Vibrator

I recommend the Magic Wand Plus. Sure, it costs a little more than the Original Magic Wand. But its silicone head is more hygienic than the Original’s TPR head and it has two additional lower intensities, which is awesome because many people complain that the Original needs a milder setting. And if you want an uncorded, rechargeable wand, get the Magic Wand Rechargeable.

Doxy also makes great wands. Their top speeds are a bit faster than the Magic Wand’s. However, they’re not quite as rumbly, meaning you can’t feel the vibes as deep inside your body.

3. A G-spot Vibrator

Despite the name, these toys also work great for external clit stim, so they’re multi-purpose. Sola’s Cue is amazingly powerful and rumbly. We-Vibe’s Rave is also top notch. For the best budget options, take a look at BMS Factory’s Pillow Talk Sassy and Satisfyer’s vibrators: Charming Smile, Magic Bunny, Master, Mr. Rabbit, Yummy Sunshine, and Hippo.

4. Njoy’s Pure Wand

This toy is in a category all its own. It has a slight learning curve, but once you learn what pressure and movement work best for your body, it’s the best g-spot/prostate massager there is.

Njoy Pure Wand
Njoy’s Pure Wand.

5. A Wearable Couple’s Vibrator

Insert one of the toy’s arms into the vagina and let the other are press against the clit. Wear it during PIV to enjoy hands-free vibes. In particular, take a look at We-Vibe’s Unite, Match, and Sync.

6. A Lay-on Vibrator

They’re designed for you to grind while you lay on top of them. Most have shapes that are contoured to the vulva. Fun Factory’s Laya II and Layaspot are two first-rate options.

7. A Penis Vibrator

Clits shouldn’t get all the fun. A couple great penis vibrators are Fun Factory’s Manta, which I reviewed here, and the Man Wand, which I reviewed here. They don’t get in the way, so they’re excel at enhancing masturbation and blow jobs.

Fun Factory Manta
Fun Factory’s Manta.

8. A Silicone Masturbator

Most masturbators are made of porous materials, so they degrade over time and no matter how you clean them, they harbour mould and bacteria.

Silicone is a far superior material. A couple great silicone options are Silicone Nozzles (choose their softest silicone, 00-20) and Bad Dragon (tap “Masturbators” to find them).

9. A Cock Ring

A cock ring keeps you hard and enhances sensitivity, strengthening orgasms.

I love Perfect Fit’s Xact-Fit cock rings, which I reviewed here. With them, you can find your exact size to within 0.1″ in internal diameter.

I also really like Vedo’s Bolt silicone cock ring set, which I reviewed here.

Perfect Fit Xact-Fit
Six of Perfect Fit’s fourteen Xact-Fit cock rings.

10. A Vibrating Cock Ring

A woman can grind on her partner’s vibrating cock ring to heighten clitoral stimulation during PIV.

There are a lot of weak vibrating cock rings, but Hot Octopuss’ Atom and Atom Plus are exquisitely powerful. I reviewed the Atom Plus here, and it’s the one I recommend most because it has a large, broad surface that’s perfect for grinding.

11. A Pressure Wave Stimulator

These toys provide clit stim with suction rather than vibration. (Though some models also vibrate.) Not everyone likes them, but many people adore them. Womanizer is the big premium brand, while Satisfyer is the primary budget brand.

12. A Dual-Density Silicone Dildo

They have soft, comfy, lifelike outer layers and firm cores. So you get the joy of squishiness without the vexation of floppiness. Vixen’s VixSkin line is the cream of the crop. But there are also great budget options like BMS Factory’s Naked Addiction Dual Density Silicone Dildo and Blush’s Real Nude line and Neo Elite line.

Vixen Mustang
Vixen’s VixSkin Mustang, my favourite dildo.

13. An App-Controlled Toy

The best companies in this field are Lovense and We-Vibe. No bluetooth toy will have perfect connectivity, but they both do a pretty good job. And both have a track record for making strong vibrators.

Not all their toys are designed to be worn in public, but for ones that are, check out Lovense’s Lush 2, Hush, and Edge, and We-Vibe’s Moxie, Jive, and Ditto.

Lovense Hush
Lovense’s Hush. A horizontal picture doesn’t look right for this one. Oh well. It’s a theme in this article and I’m sticking with it.

14. A Self-Thrusting/Pulsating Dildo

They’re like mini sex machines, delivering tiny thrusts rather than vibrating. In particular, I’ve heard great things about Fun Factory’s Stronic pulsators.

15. A Beginner Butt Plug

For anal beginners, I recommend starting off as easy as possible. This means getting a small, tapered plug rather than a prostate plug or a dildo. Prostate plugs have bulbous heads, so they’re difficult for beginners to insert. And thrusting a dildo stresses the body much more than plugging.

See my introduction to butt plugs for tips and plug recommendations.

16. A Soft Silicone Butt Plug

They feel comfy and squishy, like a cloud for your butt. They’re luxury plugs, perfect for long-term wear or stretching your ass. Go for either SquarePeg’s Egg Plug or Oxballs’ Ergo Plug.

Oxballs Large Ergo Plug
Oxballs’ Large Ergo Plug. I told you: I’m keeping them all horizontal.

17. A Prostate Plug

It gives you hands-free prostate stim, whether you’re masturbating, having sex, or walking around town. Check out Nexus, Aneros, Doc Johnson’s Mood Naughty 2, Lovense’s Edge, Tantus’ Prostate Play, and Lelo’s Bruno and Hugo.

Aneros Helix Syn Trident
Aneros’ Helix Syn Trident. I know it looks dumb sideways. Shut up.

18. A Piece of Sex Furniture

This is the best way to make sex positions easier and more comfortable, letting you focus on the joy of the act. Liberator is the runaway leader in this category. They don’t have much competition, but their products are great. In particular, Wedge and Jaz are compact and damn useful. And Wing is superb for mounting dildos and vibrators so you can ride them hands-free.

19. Good Lube

My favourites are Sliquid’s Sassy and coconut oil. Check out this lube compatibility chart and, if you want to learn more, read this lube guide.

Sliquid Sassy
Sliquid’s Sassy. Yes, this picture is absurd. Yes, I regret making everything horizontal. No, I will not fix it.

20. Restraints

I’m a fan of under the bed restraints. They’re a great way to get started with bondage. You never have to put them away, so they’re always there when you want them.

21. A Strap-on Harness

For the best harnesses, I recommend SpareParts, especially their Joque. If you’d prefer leather, Aslan gets a lot of praise, especially their Jaguar. And for an inexpensive harness, I’ve heard good things about Blush’s Temptasia Briefs.

Whatever toys you get, for the sake of your health, make sure they’re made of body-safe, non-porous materials. The exceptions to this rule are toys that don’t come in contact with mucous membranes, such as bondage toys, sex furniture, and dildo harnesses.

You thought you would escape this article without seeing the Poké Ball. You thought wrong.
A Poké Ball. Because.


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