Even Great Toys Have Limits – Review of Hot Octopuss’ Atom Plus

Your partner, like most women, has trouble cumming during PIV. You could use help staying hard and would love vibes on your perineum.

Hot Octopuss designed the Atom Plus to satisfy all these needs. It wraps around your penis and balls to keep you hard and has dual vibrators to stimulate both your perineum and your partner’s clit. It’s a hands-free couple’s toy that elevates both partners’ pleasure.

Sort of.

For most people.

In some positions.

Hot Octopuss Atom Plus. And a Poké Ball.


I have a weird dick. If your dick is normal (is there such a thing?) or weird in a different way, you may not find this section helpful. But it’s a big part of why my feelings on the Atom Plus are so mixed.

The vibrating cock ring’s 5 ⅛” internal circumference can stretch:

stretching Atom Plus

But it doesn’t stretch that much. Hot Octopuss has a video of it stretching more, but I can’t get mine to stretch that far. And it only stretches in one direction. So if you need extra space in both directions, you will find fitting difficult.

My penis is thick in the middle and narrows at the base.1 I can, with some effort, squeeze it through the Atom Plus, but my balls get left on the outside looking in. If I slide my balls through first—which is the proper way put it on—my penis can’t fit. My flaccid and erect girth are nearly the same, so it made little difference how hard I was when I put it on.

Does this mean the Atom Plus is too tight?

Nope. It means I have weird dick. For most guys, I’m confident it’ll fit fine.

It also means I can’t tell you how well the Atom Plus can stimulate your perineum. Pressing it against myself like a bullet vibrator feels great. But I don’t know how effective the perineal stimulation is when you wear it as a cock ring.

I wear the Atom Plus the way you’re supposed to wear Hot Octopuss’ smaller cock ring, the Atom: just around my penis, no balls involved. Unfortunately, the way my penis tapers at the base means I can’t tell you how well the Atom Plus can keep you hard. It restricts some of my blood flow, but not enough to affect the quality of my erection. I’m sure, however, that this wouldn’t be the case if I could wear the Atom Plus behind my balls, the way it’s intended.

It seems that the Atom Plus doesn’t work for me at all, that my body’s idiosyncrasies limit me to using it as a bullet vibrator.


Meh for Me, a Hit for Her

I can’t guarantee the Atom Plus will work for you, but I bet it’ll work for your partner.

Most vibrating cock rings are trinkets made of unsafe materials, with no thought for design or quality. A representative example is CalExotics’ Up! Spice It Up! Double Action Couples Ring 12:

CalExotics Up! Spice It Up! Double Action Couples Ring 1

That tiny nub at the top is supposed to find your partner’s clit. With luck, you might get close enough. Then you’ll shift a quarter-inch and she’ll look at you like you’re an idiot. And if you get a vibrating cock ring this crappy, she’ll be right.

The Atom Plus has a simple remedy: a large, broad contact area. Go ahead and shift position: The vibrator will stay in contact with your partner’s clit. Unlike with other vibrating cock rings, you don’t have to aim.

Most vibrating cock rings also have cheap, buzzy, weak motors. The Atom Plus has not one, but two strong motors. You can choose from five levels of intensity and five patterns: one steady, two waves, and two pulse patterns. The pulse patterns are forgettable, but, unlike many vibrators, the waves feel delicious. The Atom Plus barely falls short of the power and rumble of We-Vibe’s Tango. Tango is the king of bullet vibes, so this is no small compliment.

Its broad contact area and rumbly vibes make the Atom Plus a superb clit toy during PIV. I had to convince my partner to try it the first time. Now she’s the one who reaches for it.

Okay—a Hit for Her in Some Positions

Then she reminds me to grind. Because when we use the Atom Plus, thrusting vexes the hell out of her.

This is the fundamental flaw of vibrating cock rings: When you pull back from your partner, the vibes pull back with you. Incessantly giving your partner vibration and taking it away is a recipe for frustration.

To use the Atom Plus to its potential, get in a good grinding position, such as missionary or cowgirl, and don’t let the vibrator break contact with your partner’s pelvis unless she asks you to. Enjoy doggy style? Not with a vibrating cock ring you don’t.

Cervix Saviour

I should clarify that: Don’t thrust or try doggy style with the Atom Plus turned on.

Why would you want to use a vibrating cock ring without vibration?

Because your partner doesn’t enjoy having her cervix battered.

For many couples, deep penetration is painful in some positions. Spooning can avoid this, but no one wants to spoon all the time.

With my partner, I have to be careful in doggy style. Going almost all the way in is fine, but accidentally going balls deep will elicit a yelp.

The Atom Plus prevents roughly that last ¾” of my penis from entering my partner.3 This won’t not be enough for all couples, but it’s enough in my situation. I can let loose in doggy style and not worry I’ll hurt her.

There are a small handful of toys specifically designed as depth limiters, such as ComeClose, Ohnut, and Perfect Fit’s The Bumper.4 But they don’t double as kickass vibrators. Limiting depth is a side effect of the Atom Plus, but for some couples it will be a valuable side effect.

Unfortunately, my odd penis prevents me from using Hot Octopuss’ Atom Plus as intended. You’ll have to read other reviews to learn how well it can enhance your erections and pleasure your perineum. But the wonders it does for my partner’s clit and cervix more than make up for my fitting issues.


1. It has a circumference of 1.818 × 10-17 light-years at its thickest point, which I can stretch the Atom Plus over with some difficulty, and 1.578 × 10-17 light-years at its base, where the Atom Plus rests. I’m giving these measurements in light-years because explicitly stating my size would feel uncouth, but having precise measurements may help you contextualize my review. So if you would find these measurements helpful, you can search for a converter.

2. My sincerest apologies for the gaudy exclamation marks. That’s really what CalExotics named it.

3. This is an estimate. I can’t measure it precisely because the Atom Plus ranges from ⅜” thick in the middle to 1 ¼” thick at the top, where the clitoral vibrator is housed.

4. ComeClose is made of silicone, but Ohnut and The Bumper are made of porous materials, so they’re less hygienic.

My thanks to Hot Octopuss for sending me an Atom Plus in exchange for my honest review. This post uses affiliate links, which give me a commission if you buy something, but don’t cost you a cent.


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