Long-term Plugging Tips

When shopping for a long-term wear butt plug, look for key attributes:

  • A t-bar base. A round base will chafe your cheeks.
  • Soft silicone. Squishy = comfy. (This doesn’t apply if you want prostate stim.)
  • Moderate thickness. Choose a plug that’s thinner than you can handle. Otherwise you won’t be able to keep it in as long. (This doesn’t apply if you’re trying to size up to a thicker toy.)
  • A high bulb-to-neck ratio. Thick necks are great for stretching and feeling full, but thin necks make long-term wear easier. (This also doesn’t apply if you’re trying to size up to a thicker toy.)
  • To learn more, read my article on butt plug design and take a look at my general butt plug recommendations.

Now that you’ve chosen a good plug, follow best practices:

  • If you gotta poop, you gotta remove your plug. So poop before you plug.
  • Use quality lube. I recommend coconut oil because it lasts longer than water-based lube and, unlike silicone-based lube, it won’t damage silicone toys.
  • No lube lasts forever, so if you feel too much friction, relube. Lube up a finger, stick it in beside the plug, and swirl it around.
  • Don’t walk around too much. The more you move, the more friction there will be. The more friction there is, the shorter your plug will take to grow uncomfortable.
  • Experiment at home before you venture into public. In public, you may not have an opportunity to remove your plug when you feel the need. With practice, you’ll learn your limits, making public wear less risky.
  • If you leave the house, take a ziploc bag. If you have to remove your plug, you can store it in this bag till you get home.
  • You can sleep while plugged, but be prepared to feel sore in the morning. The first time you try this, use the thinnest plug you have.
  • Practice. The more often you plug, the easier it will become.
  • Listen to your body and don’t push yourself. When you feel the need to remove your plug, remove it.


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