Introduction to Depth Play

Roughly 7″ up your ass, you hit a wall. But it’s not a wall.

It’s a bend. Your sigmoid bend.

It's shaped like a question mark, asking, ''Won't you play with me?''

Most people don’t care about going past their sigmoid bend. Anal play is plenty fun if you stay in your rectum, so why bother going deeper?

You are not most people.

The Right Tool

It’s possible to snake past your sigmoid bend and train yourself to go deeper. But it requires practice and, above all, the right tool. You need a toy that’s

  1. Long
  2. Slim
  3. Soft—very soft—and thus bendy

You’ll find lots of toys that fit these criteria made of PVC, jelly, TPE, and TPR.

Don’t get them.

The only body-safe, functionally non-porous sex toy material that can be soft is silicone. You should avoid porous sex toys in any case, but it’s extra important here because the tissues involved in depth play are extra sensitive. For the sake of your health, stick with silicone.

Here are some depth play toys that fit the bill:

Some of these toys grow thicker towards their bases. That’s okay because this thickness won’t reach your sigmoid bend. As long as you can handle the girth at your anus, you’ll be fine.

The Right Technique

When you reach your sigmoid bend, apply gentle, persistent pressure.

It’s a simple technique, but it requires patience. This will take time. Perhaps hours, perhaps weeks. Eventually, your body will acquiesce and let the toy pass through.

If you continue training, you’ll eventually gain the ability to thrust toys past your sigmoid bend, rather than having to play gingerly. You can also learn how to handle thicker toys and go significantly deeper than merely peeking around the bend.

But no matter how much faster, thicker, and deeper you go, be wary of going firmer. Your intestines are very sensitive and, though they can sense pressure, they’re poor at sensing pain, so you should err on the side of caution.

Be persistent. Be gentle. And don’t force anything.


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