My Ideal Long-term Wear Butt Plug

The ultimate long-term wear butt plug is made of soft, squishy silicone and has a thin neck and base.

Soft silicone is essential. It’s magnitudes more comfortable than firm silicone and my butt has grown addicted to it.

The thin neck is also essential. The thinner the neck, the less friction it creates for your anus as you move and walk around. The less friction a plug creates, the longer you can keep it in.

This plug does not exist.

The Best Long-term Wear Butt Plugs That Have the Convenient Property of Existence1

Since we can’t have both soft silicone and a thin neck, we have to choose. Let’s see what’s behind door #1:

Soft Silicone

There are two soft silicone plugs I recommend above all others: SquarePeg’s Egg Plugs and Oxballs’ Ergo Plugs, both in their super soft versions.

They have superb designs: gentle curves, t-bar bases, necks that are the correct length—the works. When I want a plush, luxurious plug—which is nearly every time I wear one—these are what I reach for.

Of the two, the Ergo Plugs have somewhat thinner necks, a.k.a. higher bulb-to-neck ratios. So if you want to get as close as possible to my ideal long-term wear plug, they’re the ones I recommend.

But their necks are still on the chunky side, so let’s peek behind door #2:

A Thin Neck and Base

Lots of plugs have thin necks, but b-Vibe’s Snug Plugs take it to a whole other level. I’ve seen spaghetti noodles thicker than this. They’re even available in a vibrating version.

The Snug Plugs are not exactly soft, but no plugs have thinner necks, so they create a minimal amount of friction.

The thin base is less important, but important nonetheless. It barely even feels like it’s there. The thick bases on the Egg Plugs and Ergo Plugs are still comfortable. But a plug’s base exists for safety, not pleasure, so the less you notice it, the better.

Which Door to Choose?

Here’s when you should choose a soft plug:

  • You want to maximize comfort. Soft silicone is like a cloud for you butt.
  • You want a thicker neck to make you feel stretched and full. Of course, this means you won’t be able to wear it as long.
  • You want to size up to a thicker toy. As I discuss in my guide to training your ass, the easiest way to size up is to wear your thickest plug long-term. Your sphincters are the parts of your ass that most require stretching, so the thicker the neck, the better.

And here’s when you should choose a plug with a thin neck:

  • You want to maximize wear time. Exposing your anus to minimal friction and stretching delays the inevitable moment when your body tells you to remove your plug.
  • You’re going to be walking or moving around a lot. If you’re not moving much, a thick neck doesn’t create much friction. The more you move, the more important it is to use a thin neck to minimize the stress you put on your anus.

Design Proposal for the Ultimate Long-term Wear Butt Plug

I’m a greedy bastard, so I want the option to maximize comfort and wear time. Imagine a soft silicone plug with the Egg Plug’s ergonomically shaped bulb and the Snug Plug’s minimalist neck and base.

Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

But making it is not as easy as it sounds.

The Noodle Dilemma

The Snug Plug’s neck may look like a noodle, but if it were made of soft silicone, it would also be as floppy and formless as a noodle.

This wouldn’t be a big issue for insertion. Sure, the neck would buckle if you pushed on the base. But you could grip the bottom of the plug’s bulb rather than its base. I even find this to be the easiest way to insert my Egg Plugs and Ergo Plugs, and their necks aren’t noodly at all.

But removal would be an issue. Unlike firm silicone or soft silicone that’s thick, soft and thin silicone is very stretchy. So when you pull on the base, the neck would stretch, letting the plug’s bulb remain nestled inside your ass.

It’s not as though the neck would snap in half as you try to remove the plug. Silicone is far too strong and resilient for that. But removal would require a lot more effort. And some people might feel like the neck could snap. This would be a bad user experience, even though they’d be mistaken.

Another issue is the base slipping inside your ass. Going to the doctor to get it removed would not be fun.

This isn’t a concern with the Snug Plugs because they’re made of firmer silicone. Their bases may look like noodles, but they don’t bend too much.

The Egg Plugs and Ergo Plugs avoid this problem by having chunky bases. But if we’re going to create the ultimate long-term-wear plug, we can’t have a large base that spreads butt cheeks more than necessary.

The Reinforced Noodle

To solve the Noodle Dilemma, we need to make this plug out of dual-density silicone.

Ensconced inside the soft silicone, there will be a t-shaped frame made of firm silicone, likely with a shore durometer of 20A or 40A. It will extend through both wings of the base and up through the plug’s neck.

The firm silicone in the neck will prevent it from buckling and stretching during insertion and removal. And the firm silicone in the base will prevent it from folding to slip inside your ass.

Using a dual-density construction would likely force the neck and base to be a bit thicker than the Snug Plug’s. But as long as they’re close, having the soft, comfy outer layer of silicone will make this tradeoff worth it.

Other Design Notes

The outer layer of silicone should have a shore durometer of 00-30, maybe 00-50. This will provide a level of squish comparable to gummy worms. If we go any firmer, using a dual-density construction would be unnecessary.

Don’t give the plug’s tip too much of a taper, and definitely don’t make it pointy. Basically, give it the shape of the Egg Plug. A great long-term wear plug should be thinner than you’re capable of taking in order to avoid taxing your ass and maximize wear time. So you don’t need a significant taper.

Don’t worry about the plug standing up on its own, like SquarePeg and Oxballs do. For them, it’s a way to justify their chunky bases. But who cares if it flops over? It should flop. If it doesn’t, the base isn’t thin enough yet.

Beyond these points, the ideal long-term wear butt plug should come in a variety of sizes and follow the elements of good butt plug design.

Don’t Wait

Don’t wait for my dream long-term wear butt plug to be conjured into existence. SquarePeg’s Egg Plugs, Oxballs’ Ergo Plugs, and b-Vibe’s Snug Plugs may have limitations, but they’re still awesome plugs. You just need to choose whether you want to maximize comfort or wear time.


1. Yes, I’m aware existence is not a property.


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