This Toy Deserves to Be Rescued – Review of Pipedream’s Fetish Fantasy Series Vibrating Silicone Head-Master

Out of the box, Pipedream’s Fetish Fantasy Series Vibrating Silicone Head-Master, which TooTimid kindly sent to me, is junk.

Which is why I must teach you how to unleash its true power.

Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Series Vibrating Silicone Head-Master. And a Poké Ball.

What It’s Supposed to Do

Most vibrators have pinpoint heads that are great for clits or broad heads that are great for vulvas. Trying to find one designed for a penis? The pickings are slim, but the Head-Master is here to help fill the void.

Its flexible cup, which has a maximum internal diameter of 1.75”, fits snugly over your glans. Pop a AAA battery in the top and push the button to scroll through three levels of steady vibration and seven patterns.

Unlike most penis toys, it doesn’t take over your entire masturbation experience. The cup is only 1.5” deep, so it leaves you room to stroke with your free hand. The Head-Master should enhance the way you play, stimulating the most sensitive part of your penis and giving you stronger orgasms.


What It Actually Does

Damn, these vibes are weak.

Worse: They’re buzzy. Vexingly high-pitched, without any depth.

A stray breeze can get me hard, but this vibrator can’t. Even the highest level is useless. I can only tell when it’s on high because it sounds more shrill. Like it’s screaming for me to put it out of its misery.

Time to Operate

You are a surgeon.

No medical degree? No worries. The silicone is resilient: You won’t harm it. On the off chance you kill the vibrator, no one will shed a tear. It can’t get any more useless.

Everything can be broken down to its component parts. The Head-Master gives the appearance of a single unit, but it is in fact two: a well-designed silicone sleeve and a 5¢ bullet vibrator.

See the plastic ring beneath the vibrator’s screw-on cap? Get a butter knife under there and slide it around. If necessary, use your knife as a lever to forge a space between the silicone and the plastic ring. It’s glued on, so this will take some effort. But your penis depends on you, so I’m confident you’ll power through.

Once you’ve broken the seal, you can remove the bullet vibrator. Post-surgery, your patient should look like this:

Deconstructed Head-Master and a We-Vibe Tango. No Poké Ball. :(

That blue guy on the right? That’s the replacement vibrator. I’m using We-Vibe’s Tango, the King of Bullet Vibes. But you can use whatever you like. Because any quarter-way decent vibrator will outperform the Head-Master’s included vibe.

The only limitation is size. The Head-Master’s bullet vibe has a 2” circumference, which easily slides into the silicone sleeve. Tango has a 2 ³/₁₆” circumference, so it requires a dab of lube to squeeze into the sleeve. If you try to use a vibrator more than ¹/₁₆” thicker than Tango, I doubt it will fit.


Behold, the Head-Master’s Ultimate Form:

Ultimate Form Head-Master. And the Poké Ball's back!

Even Tango’s lowest setting is delicious. It’s rumbly as hell. The vibration permeates my penis, making my eyes roll into the back of my head.

I know what you’re thinking: If Tango is so great, why shouldn’t I use it by itself and forget the Head-Master?

Because the two are symbiotic. Using Tango alone on my penis feels good, but all the vibes are concentrated. I don’t want to stimulate one pinpoint part of my glans. I want to stimulate my whole glans. The Head-Master spreads out Tango’s vibration, turning a clitoral vibrator into a penis vibrator.

That Texture

Check out the inside of Head-Master’s cup:

Scary texture scared Poké Ball away.

Looks scary, doesn’t it?

Fear not, for the silicone is fairly soft, and very bendy. The texture is intense, but it needn’t be abrasive.

Without lube, I enjoy the texture while I’m playing. But afterwards, it leaves me feeling raw. With lube, it feels much better and I don’t experience any soreness afterwards.

Don’t leave the Head-Master to sit on your glans all the time: Twist it. It feels marvelous, enough to make me buck my hips into the air. But don’t try this move without a good glob of lube. You need to tame this beast before playing rough with it.

Ball Vibrator

The Head-Master’s shape isn’t only great for your glans. It’s great for your balls, too. This is intense, so I can only handle it for a short time on Tango’s lowest setting. But as long as you’re gentle, there’s no reason your penis should hog all the fun.

I can’t recommend Pipedream’s Fetish Fantasy Series Vibrating Silicone Head-Master on its own. But if you do some light surgery and pair it with better vibrator, such as We-Vibe’s Tango, you can transform it into an exquisite toy.

My thanks to TooTimid for sending me Pipedream’s Fetish Fantasy Series Vibrating Silicone Head-Master in exchange for my honest review. This post uses affiliate links, which give me a commission if you buy something, but don’t cost you a cent.


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