In Search of a Masturbator That Won’t Strangle My Dick

If you want a roomy masturbator, the important spec to look at is internal diameter. Unfortunately, precious few manufacturers disclose it.

Fleshlight used to list the internal diameters of their toys, but they don’t anymore. Thank god for the Wayback Machine.

However, I recommend you don’t get a Fleshlight. My girth is sizable and I have their most spacious model, the Classic/Original Pink Lady. When I first used it, it was very tight. Too tight. It took several weeks of regular use to stretch it out and make it usable. It became a good toy after that, but the stretching process was long and uncomfortable. I don’t want to do that ever again.

There’s another reason you should look elsewhere for a masturbator. Most masturbator manufacturers, including Fleshlight and Tenga, make their toys out of porous materials like TPE. So the material will degrade over time and no matter how you clean it, it will harbour mould and bacteria. You also need to put cornstarch on it regularly, or else it’ll get very tacky, like my Fleshlight did. I just touched it: took me five minutes to unstick myself.

If you want a non-porous masturbator that will be safer, last longer, and require less upkeep, you need silicone. Check out my list of silicone masturbators.

In particular, take a look at Silicone Nozzles. They’re the only other company I know of that discloses their internal diameters. You can customize the colour, softness (make sure to chose the softest option, 00-20), and—most importantly—the core. Unfortunately, the most spacious textured core has a minimum internal diameter of 0.85″. But if you’re cool with an untextured core, some models can be made with an internal diameter up to 1.6″. That’s way wider than any other company offers. I haven’t bought one yet, but I think I’m going to opt for a 1.25″ diameter core. Even 1″ would be substantially larger than the roomiest Fleshlight.

If you’d prefer a textured toy and you’re willing to spend more, consider Bad Dragon’s Duke’s Muzzle. I researched their forums when I was shopping for a masturbator and found this is the best model for thick penises. Some Bad Dragon masturbators are prone to tearing with thicker penises, but apparently Duke’s Muzzle is the most spacious and I haven’t read any reports of it tearing. I measured the opening on mine to have a 1″ diameter.

My Duke’s Muzzle has held up wonderfully, though I confess I don’t use it too regularly. I really enjoy it, but if I’d known about Silicone Nozzles at the time, I would’ve bought from them to save money.


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